Noraville House B&B,
Killarney, Co. Kerry

Tel : Local   064-36053      International    +353-64-36053       Mobile 087 6866337

Noraville House B&B is situated in Killarney Town and is within 5 mins walk from the town centre.To get to Noraville House B&B simply follow any road map to Killarney Town. Within 70 or so miles of Killarney Town you will see many road signs guiding you to Killarney Town.The guide-map below will take you to Noraville House B&B which is only a minutes drive from Killarney Town centre. In the very unlikely event that you loose your way simply ask any of the local shops for directions to St. Margarets Road or phone us at 064-36053 .-

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Email: Tel : Local 064 66 36053 International +353-64-66- 36053 Mobile - 087 6866337

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